About Anthea Wilson

I enjoy writing about the intersection between people and the natural world. I also feel compelled to delve into human behaviour – philosophically and practically. With a background in further and higher education, plant science and healthcare, I like to apply my expertise in workplace learning, distance learning and e-learning.

Mix it all up, and see what comes out!

If you’re interested in reading more of my work, please follow the link to my published work

See also my website www.kit4mentors.co.uk for my ideas about supporting learners in the workplace

2 thoughts on “About Anthea Wilson”

  1. Hello Anthea, I am interested in your post about gardening and natural methods. We have developed a combined natural slug deterrent and plant bio stimulant from seaweed as three scientists in a remote Scottish shed! Would be very good to discuss natural gardening and pest control issues. Metaldehyde is being banned but we are sure other substances will try and take over as an alternative bulk pesticide.


    1. Hello Jeeves, the hold grail of gardening must be to find a good solution for slug control that doesn’t harm other creatures. The ferric phosphate slug pellets that are claimed to be suitable for organic gardening seem to cause problems for earthworms because of the chelating agents in their formulation. In the past, I have deployed beer traps, which the slugs found irresistible. However, it turned out to be an expensive and labour-intensive strategy! I’d love to know what makes your slug deterrent special.


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